Transcranial Doppler is a cost effective, non-invasive physiological study evaluating the hemodynamics in the major basal arteries of the Circle of Willis. It has many applications including the diagnosis of stenosis, acute stroke, vasospasm, stroke prevention and Sickle Cell. The ability to examine the intracranial circulation in an out patient environment with real time results will aid any practice and drastically improve the standard and quality of care.

A comprehensive study involves the insonation of the middle, anterior and posterior cerebral arteries, the vertebrals, terminal internal carotid, ophthalmic and basilar arteries. Based on the mean flow velocities vascular disease can be diagnosed.

In addition to the TCD study, you can incorporate a vasomotor reactivity study to determine vasomotor reserve, emboli detection, PFO study, and extracranial evaluation.

All these procedures have CPT codes.

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Transcranial Doppler
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