Providing profesional training, equipment and billing information for the medical community interested in Transcranial Doppler.
Training Program

Training is typically conducted at our lab in Tyler TX*; it is a hands on, one-on-one program. This enables us to examine patients with disease and make for more effective training than lecture or control patients programs. Traning last 2-3 days starting on Monday.

The dates and educational requirements are customized to the trainee.  We train physicians as well as tech's coming from various backgrounds of knowledge.

Training includes:

Comprehensive technical instruction - this is accomplished by a quick over view of anatomy, important physics principals and then immediately applied to examining patients.

We will cover all 5 procedure codes that can be conducted with a TCD machine, when each procedure is indicated and how to perform each procedure.  Multiple procedures will often be conducted on the same patient.

In-depth interpretation will be covered for physicians including simulation software.

Billing will be covered - CPT codes, ICD-9 codes, pre-authorization requirements and proper reporting guidelines and templates.

Training can be included in the purchase price of Multigon equipment. 

Inquire for prices, availability and additional information.

*Onsite training is available
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